Are You Wearing Your Waist Trainer Properly?

Waist Trainer

When you first learn about waist training or waist shapers, it can seem as simple as putting on a waist trainer and beginning exercise. However, there is a right and a wrong way to put it on and wear it. Have you been doing it correctly? Take note of these tips below.

Opt for the Lowest Setting

When you first begin waist training, you have to ease yourself into it. Otherwise, you may be so uncomfortable that you give up immediately and never look back. To prevent any pain or discomfort, secure your waist trainer on the lowest possible setting. Usually, waist trainers have a few rows of hooks that you can adjust as you get more comfortable wearing it. Choose the ones that give you more space – at least to begin with.

Get Ready

When it comes time to begin waist training, don’t rush the process of putting your new trainer on. It can take time – especially if you have never worn one before. The first step is to wrap it around your body but do not do it up just yet. Place your waist trainer so that the hemline at the bottom is above the area of your body that juts out the most – commonly the hips. Make sure you have the eyelets on the left and the hooks on the right.

Do it Up

Once again, for putting your trainer on for waist training, you will need to take your time. You may find you also need to suck in your tummy a little bit so don’t be afraid to lie down when you’re doing it up. Begin with the very bottom hook and hook it into place. Remember, the bottom of your waist trainer should be sitting above your hip line at this point. Once you have the bottom hook attached, pull it down over your hip region and begin doing the other catches up one at a time, pulling the material together as you go.

Start Slow

Once you have your waist trainer sitting in place, you’re ready for waist training! However, don’t jump into wearing your trainer for a full day. Instead, wear it for a couple of hours per day, slowly building yourself up to being able to wear it for a full day in the office, for example.

Reap the Rewards

When you grow accustomed to waist training and complement it with a healthy diet and exercise, you may begin to see results. Your stomach may be flatter, your curves are more accentuated, and your posture even better as well. Waist training has so many benefits when you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Purchasing a waist trainer can seem like a challenge on its own, but without direction, putting it on can be even tougher. Follow these steps below and benefit from successful integration of waist training into your life.