Are you ready to take the Paleo Plunge?

Are you hearing a lot of chatter out there about the Paleo Lifestyle but not sure what it is? Keen to try it out but you’re freaked out with the obsessive details like trying to source liquorice powder & kelp noodles? Scared that you won’t be able to go out for dinner anymore?? Or that you’ll accidently leave your hunting spear at Aldi’s???

It’s time to breath. . . .here is the lowdown on Paleo. . . .

So, for starters what the hell is it? Paleo is short for Paleolithic, a caveman and woman diet. You might be more familiar with the term ‘Hunters and Gatherers’, our ancestors who hunted animals for meat and gathered vegetables, nuts, seeds & seasonal fruit. No grains are allowed (that’s right not even brown rice!), nor legumes & dairy. There’s a general avoidance of modern day processed foods particularly those laced with preservatives and artificial colourings.

What’s the benefits? At its heart, a paleo diet is a good all round healthy eating plan and similar to what I put into meal planners for my clients with weight loss, training and sports goals and for general wellbeing.

The best bits? Apart from loads of fresh vegetables, all colours of the rainbow, you can eat tasty fats (yes including that yummy bit attached to your steak and bacon!), fermented foods, spices and herbs. Paleo recipes also tick many gluten and dairy free boxes for those with allergies or intolerances.

Any criticisms? There’s not enough calcium, carbs are lacking particularly when you need it after a big work out at the gym, children shouldn’t have restrictive diets (unless there are food intolerances/allergies), it’s too hard not to eat box food, I have to make everything myself, I must have kelp noodles with everything . . .

Yes I’m making fun but it’s only because many of the arguments are funny. Google the word paleo and scroll through the never ending pages of dogmatic for and against and you will get the gist. However, I am still very much looking forward to seeing Pete Evans at his Paleo Way show this month. Why? Because this is a great way to eat and Pete is such a rock star. The paleo lifestyle champions healthy eating and you can find some simple and delicious paleo recipes out there.


If you’re going Paleo make it suit YOU. I’m not sure when we reached a point where we can’t make our own decisions on what we eat, or why we feel the need to be so strict with the boxes we build around ourselves, especially with diet. If you like yoghurt in the morning and it helps you feel ready to tackle the day ahead…then have it. Feel like a bit of rice once a month and have no pre-existing reasons why you can’t eat it? Then have some. Want to be fully and strictly paleo with no if’s or buts? Then GO HARD! (Though don’t go all fanatical on us as this suits you and that’s great but it may not be so for all your family and friends!)

There is a rare time and place for strict meal planners and diets but for us average Joe’s who just want to eat well, put beautiful foods in our body and feel amazing every day, wouldn’t sustainable changes for the long term be a more practical and happy-making choice?

So don’t freak out about taking the paleo plunge. Just take some pressure off you and your family and give yourself a massive pat on the back because if you’re not eating the majority of processed foods from the supermarket, and you’re reading this blog, you are probably not the average Joe. You are making a concerted effort to better your health, mind and body. Just remember to have fun with it. This is your life.