Are you ready to take the Paleo Plunge?

Are you hearing a lot of chatter out there about the Paleo Lifestyle but not sure what it is? Keen to try it out but you’re freaked out with the obsessive details like trying to source liquorice powder & kelp noodles? Scared that you won’t be able to go out for dinner anymore?? Or that you’ll accidently leave your hunting spear at Aldi’s???

It’s time to breath. . . .here is the lowdown on Paleo. . . .

So, for starters what the hell is it? Paleo is short for Paleolithic, a caveman and woman diet. You might be more familiar with the term ‘Hunters and Gatherers’, our ancestors who hunted animals for meat and gathered vegetables, nuts, seeds & seasonal fruit. No grains are allowed (that’s right not even brown rice!), nor legumes & dairy. There’s a general avoidance of modern day processed foods particularly those laced with preservatives and artificial colourings.

What’s the benefits? At its heart, a paleo diet is a good all round healthy eating plan and similar to what I put into meal planners for my clients with weight loss, training and sports goals and for general wellbeing.

The best bits? Apart from loads of fresh vegetables, all colours of the rainbow, you can eat tasty fats (yes including that yummy bit attached to your steak and bacon!), fermented foods, spices and herbs. Paleo recipes also tick many gluten and dairy free boxes for those with allergies or intolerances.


Best Egg Dishes Your Family Will Love

Best Egg Dishes Your Family Will Love

Australians consume upwards of 15 million eggs every day. That equates to around 230 of this versatile food type for each Australian. Given that eggs feature in various recipes, it makes sense that they are something you will discover in most Australian homes.

Whether you’re trying to find a delicious snack to pair with wine or a hearty meal to feed your family, here are some of the best egg dishes that are worth trying after your next supermarket visit.


If you’re not feeling very inspired, or you lack time, then there’s nothing wrong with turning omelettes into a family meal. They are versatile, and you can create them with various ingredients to suit everyone’s preferences.

Get started by making sure you have enough eggs for everyone’s omelette. Most people have at least two, but you can create larger, thicker omelettes by doubling your recipe.

You can then start chopping ingredients to go within the omelette when you start cooking it. Some popular options include ham, cheese, onion, tomato, and mushroom. Omelettes are quick, easy, nutritious, and delicious.

Eggs Benedict

If you fancy a delicious breakfast treat, then eggs benedict surely meet the mark. This dish is a classic and is easy enough to prepare. Create a hollandaise sauce, buy muffins, and consider adding spinach, salmon, and even avocado.


Group Fitness

Why Joining a Group Fitness Class Could Spell a New You

While there are many immediate benefits of joining group fitness sessions, did you know the long-term benefits are even better? While, of course, you are going to feel more motivated and social, it can also work wonders for your confidence, weight loss success, stress levels, and happiness. Here’s why joining a group fitness class could spell a new you.

Become More Confident

When was the last time you threw yourself into an uncomfortable situation? Most of us tend to stick with what we know, and we dare not step outside that comfort zone into the unknown. However, if you join a group fitness class such as BodyPump or CX Worx, for example, you will find yourself becoming more confident as the days and weeks go by.

It can seem terrifying walking into a room full of strangers, but once you realise how lovely everyone is, you will have no problems about doing it in the future.

Lose More Weight

Many scientific studies prove that exercising in a group fitness class, or with others, can be beneficial to your success. In the Journal of Social Sciences, it was even found that we mimic the physical activity of others, helping to push ourselves further than ever before. And, in an Obesity journal study, overweight people lose more weight if they spend time with fitter friends or acquaintances. (more…)

Work Up a Sweat

5 Ways to Work Up a Sweat

If you don’t sweat during a workout, can you really tell yourself you’re pushing hard enough? While sweat is the body’s way of regulating your temperature, it also releases toxins and enables your body to exert itself to benefit from muscular strength, better blood circulation, and better lung function. What’s more, if you choose a high-intensity exercise session over a moderate one, your body will look and feel better for it. Here are five ways you can work up a sweat for the betterment of your body.

1. High-Intensity Interval Training

If you’re looking for maximum sweat output in the shortest possible timeframe, it’s time to add high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, to your workout. High-intensity interval training is when your workout is fast-paced and intense for a short period of time, such as between one and three minutes, before taking a quick breather and getting back into it again. Typically, you carry out different cardio and strength training. Within just a few minutes, sweat will be pouring off you.

2. Spinning

Spin classes are not only a fun, social gym class, but they are designed to make you sweat in the process. Using a mixture of body heat, resistance, and springs, you have to spin on a spin bike for as long as possible at a fast rate. Spinning is a popular form of exercise due to its aerobic benefits and the ability it has to heighten your heart rate. It’s also a favorite for those who require a low-impact workout with minimal pressure on joints.


5 Reasons NOT to Eat Margarine

5 Reasons NOT to Eat Margarine

Confused at the supermarket deciding on margarine or butter? Should we choose margarine for it’s ‘cholesterol reducing’ abilities? Do we avoid the high saturated fat of butter? Or is butter better?? Don’t fret – here is the low down.

Margarine was created in the 1800s in France when a cheaper alternative to butter was requested by Napoleon III. It is a vegetable oil based spread that should contain approx. 80% oil – with a ‘butter’ flavour. Since the 1960’s when the ‘reduce your saturated fat’ myth was created, margarines become popular as they did not contain saturated fats from animals which were blamed for high cholesterol levels.

1. Margarines contain trans fats

Through the processing of margarine trans fats are created. Trans fats are artificial fatty acids created in an industrial process when hydrogen is added to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid. Studies have shown that trans fats raise your LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol levels whilst lowering your HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol levels. Eating trans fats increases your risk of developing heart disease & stroke & are associated with a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Despite many manufacturers claiming their margarine no longer contains trans fats, if the label says partially hydrogenated oils, it will still contain 0.5-1% of trans fat, which if eaten over a lifetime is still detrimental to your health.


How Great Copywriting Can Boost Your Fitness Business's Digital Marketing

How Great Copywriting Can Boost Your Fitness Business’s Digital Marketing

There are many business owners, including those who own a fitness business, who have started digital marketing campaigns but who feel they are not getting the results they were hoping for. One of the reasons suggested for this by the digital marketing specialists at is that the written content, or ‘copy’ as it is more accurately called, may not be converted in the way that it should.

Part of this goes to the principle that every page on your website should convert visitors by encouraging them to take some kind of action. These ‘calls to action’ can include making a telephone call to the business, entering their email, filling out a survey, or completing a form on the contact page so that someone can call them back. The ultimate call to action is ‘Buy’, where the visitor actually makes a purchase and enters their credit card details.

Not every website has a purchase as the main call to action, given that not every type of business is suited to that. For example, professionals such as lawyers, accountants, dentists, and, in this case, fitness experts who all consult with their clients, are unlikely to have a ‘Buy Now’ button on their website, given that each client’s needs will be different.

Nevertheless, their websites need to have some means of converting a visitor so they get closer to becoming a paying client or customer, and the means by which that is achieved is what is written on each page of the website. If the website has been professionally built, the text is likely to have been written by one or more copywriters, who have the writing skills to create copy that converts.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening May Be Right for You, And Here’s Why

It can be strange for many people to think that they can visit your dentist when their teeth feel fine. Surprisingly, around two million Australians fail to visit their dentist every year. However, you don’t have to wait until you’re suffering from a niggle, ache, or pain before reaching for the phone. You can make an appointment with your dentist when you want to experience a boost in confidence through cosmetic procedures, too.

One of the most popular cosmetic services that dentists in Australia offer is teeth whitening. Both take-home trays and in-chair whitening are popular services that can boost an everyday Australian’s self-esteem. But how do you know if teeth whitening is right for you? Read on to find out.

It’s More Effective Than Over-the-Counter Methods

When your yellow teeth are starting to affect your confidence, you may turn to products in everyday life that offer whitening benefits. Toothpaste, chewing gum, over-the-counter whitening kits, they all contain ingredients that could provide slight colouring improvement.

But in-chair whitening treatment and take-home trays from your dentist are more effective. Dentists have access to whitening ingredients that standard shops don’t and can’t stock. What’s more, their take-home kits contain custom-made mouthguards to fit your unique teeth.


Workplace Discrimination

Suffering from Workplace Discrimination?

There are numerous types of discrimination that can occur in the workplace, but it’s important to realise that it’s never okay. Discriminatory actions can lead to a wide range of mental illnesses and a lower quality of life, so it’s crucial to identify and address issues as soon as they pop up.

In saying that, your mental health and state of mind can suffer a lot in a short space of time if you’re being discriminated against. Because of this, it’s important to ensure you’re remaining healthy while things are being dealt with.

To help you out, we’ve put together the following list of the top five ways to boost your morale if you’re suffering from any form of workplace discrimination. As always, seek professional and/or legal advice if you feel like it could be beneficial.

  1. Identify and Accept Any Problems

In many discrimination cases, the problem lingers for some time before you can successfully dispel it. This might be because you don’t have enough proof of wrongdoing, your employer is slow to act or simply because these things do take time.

With this in mind, it’s important to identify the problem and accept that you’re not the cause. While it can be difficult to remain in positive spirits if you’re constantly being discriminated against, it’s still worth doing your best.


After Cataract Surgery

5 Tips for Ensuring Success After Cataract Surgery

If you’ve got blurred vision caused by cataracts, it could be time to consider looking into cataract surgery, offered at laser eye surgery perth. Basically, this involves removing the damaged lenses of your eyes and replacing them with artificial ones, and therefore improving your overall vision.

However, recovering from cataract surgery can take some time. It’s therefore important to think about the things you can do to speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of ongoing complications.

In the rest of this article you will find our top 5 tips for ensuring success after cataract surgery. They include:

1. Don’t Drive for At Least a Few Days

The first thing you will be told when you’re preparing for cataract surgery is to make sure that you’ve got someone to drive you home after the procedure. We’d recommend following this advice for at least a few days after you’ve had your cataracts removed. Otherwise, your cataracts might not have time to recover properly.

2. Never Rub Your Eyes!

Although cataract surgery can be uncomfortable, and you might experience irritation and itchiness in the days following, you should always avoid rubbing or scratching the area. Doing so will almost certainly affect the recovery of your eyes, and can lead to difficult complications.


Health Benefits of Botox

Health Benefits of Botox You May Not Have Known

Everyone knows that Botox and some other wrinkle relaxers can offer you that much-desired youthful glow. They relax your muscles, smooth out wrinkles, and even eradicate those confidence-eradicating crow’s feet. However, Botox – an FDA-approved treatment method – can also do much, much more. Read on to find out what else it has to offer.

Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is an all-too-common condition that can have a detrimental impact on your life. The condition causes you to sweat excessively from various parts of your body. Doctors found Botox could help by accident. They used Botox to treat patients with facial spasms but noticed they were not sweating as much. Research began, and Botox as a treatment method for the condition gained approval in 2004.

Overactive Bladders

You might not think that a wrinkle relaxer such as Botox would affect your bladder, but it can. Some doctors even believe it’s one of the most effective treatment methods for an overactive bladder. In one study, Botox reduced bladder leaks down to three a day from five in 70 percent of study participants. However, it can be too helpful, resulting in the need for a catheter in some cases. (more…)

Wisdom Teeth Swelling

Wisdom Teeth Swelling, And How to Take Care of It

Wisdom teeth are thought to be the evolutionary answer to chewing roots, raw meat, and berries. Now, however, their only purpose is to cause problems, such as swelling. If you are experiencing swelling around your wisdom teeth, then it’s essential to make an appointment with your Perth City dentist.

A dental professional can get to the bottom of the problem, and come up with a solution that eases your pain and discomfort. Read on to learn more about wisdom teeth swelling, the causes, and how to take care of it.

What Causes Wisdom Teeth Swelling?

There are three primary reasons why you may have gum irritation and swelling around your wisdom teeth. When those teeth start to grow in, gum tissue can become inflamed. Then, as the teeth erupt through the surface, food can get trapped under the gum. If the teeth recede into the gum line, further gum irritation can occur.

Infection and how your body deals with it could also be another cause of the swelling. When your teeth break through your gums, you will likely experience pain and discomfort. Think back to children who are a little bit grumpy when they’re cutting their first teeth. Your body thinks there’s an injury and sends nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to the area. The blood vessels expand as a result, and swelling follows.



How to Tell That Someone You Love has Relapsed

When you book a friend or family member into an addiction recovery facility, it can feel like the toughest day of your life. However, there’s something even harder than that – and that’s believing that the person who tried so hard in the rehab facility may have had a relapse. But, how do you know for sure? Here are a few tell-tale signs.

Their Mood Changes

When someone successfully comes out the other side of drug addiction, their positivity and zest for life can be a breath of fresh air. However, it doesn’t always last forever. Once the bite of reality hits, previous drug users may find themselves surrounded by their same old triggers – and it might be too hard to resist.

A mood change can mean they are fighting the urge to take drugs or consume alcohol. Or, it can say they have already succumbed to the temptation and now feel ashamed, guilty, or frustrated.

Secretive Behaviour

When a loved one comes home from drug rehab, you may revel in having them back again. If, however, you notice that they are leaving the house when you’re not home or late at night, or they don’t tell you where they’re going, that can be an alarm bell for a relapse. Any secretive behaviour is something on which you should keep an eagle eye.


Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick – Is It Right for You?

Red Lipstick – Is It Right for You?

Believe it or not, choosing a red lipstick shade involves more than selecting the one you like the most. If you’re looking to learn new beauty tips, then beginning with your lipstick is an excellent place to start. After all, red lipstick can make or break your look. Here is how to achieve that killer look with a devilish red shade.

Know Your Skin Type

Everybody has a different skin type and knowing yours can make all the difference to how you dress, accessorise, and apply your makeup. To determine the skin type you have, you can look at the inside of your wrist. If your veins are more of a green colour than blue, your skin type is ‘warm’. However, if they are more blue than green, you have ‘cool’ skin. And, if they’re an eclectic mix of both green and blue, you have a sought-after ‘neutral’ skin. Believe it or not, being aware of your skin type can make all the difference to the shade of red lipstick that will suit you.

What Works with Warm Skin?

If you have established, through reading various beauty tips, that you have warm skin, the options are endless for the red tones of lipstick you’ll suit. Because your skin is warm, you’re going to want to opt for warm red colours as well. Lipstick tones considered warm are those with words like orange, coral, and sunset in the name. However, if you haven’t seen your dentist for teeth whitening in a while, avoid those more orange-like shades as they can accentuate discolouration in teeth.


Engagement Ring

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Traditionally, when couples began looking for engagement rings, the expectation was that the man should spend the equivalent of his income for two months. In today’s terms, that’s around 3,000 Australian dollars for the average Australian’s annual salary.

For some people, that’s not a possibility, and for others, that doesn’t seem nearly enough for the woman in their life. As a result, it can often be more about your personal circumstances as opposed to an age-old rule. However, it can still be a challenge to know how much to spend on engagement rings. After all, how do you know whether you’ve paid enough, or too much? Consider the following before you go ahead and purchase those engagement rings.

Your Significant Other’s Expectations

If you have discussed the prospect of marriage before, you are bound to have a fair idea of what your loved one expects or would like. If you have discussed it at length as well, you may even have a sense of the diamond clarity, shape, how many carats, and overall style she would prefer.

Before you go ahead and buy a ring, try to have a fair idea of what your fiancé-to-be would expect. Would they want you to spend the big bucks or would they be happy with anything you got them as long as you put in the thought and effort?


Benefits of Water

Benefits of Water for Your Skin

You can benefit from soft, supple, and healthy skin by using natural skin care products on a frequent basis. However, you can also do your skin all kinds of favours by making sure it’s as hydrated as possible. But, why is water so good for your skin? What can it do? Find out below.

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema occur for many reasons, including having a poor diet or using low-quality skin care products. If you keep up your water intake, you may find that it can help to alleviate the irritation. What’s more, the more water you drink, the abler your body is to flush out toxins. This, too, can reduce the irritation and effects of skin conditions and offer a healthy glow.

Stress-Related Skin Damage

When you don’t use organic skin care products, or you find yourself in a stressful situation where you don’t take care of your skin, you may notice it becomes become dry, flaky, itchy, or even oily with a threat of acne just around the corner. Stress is exceptionally harmful to your skin, but water in the form of a cold bath or shower can be of assistance.

Stay under the cold water for up to three minutes then get out. It rejuvenates your skin, improves your circulation, and leaves you feeling revitalised. You can then towel dry yourself and apply an organic skin care product of your choice.


If you use organic skin care products as an anti-ageing serum, then you will no doubt already be reaping the rewards of reduced fine lines and wrinkles. However, if you want to take it one step further, you only need to remember to drink water. It’s that straightforward.


Destinations with Currency

Getting Bang for Your Buck – Destinations with Currency in Your Favour

Travelling to a new country can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. You can navigate through mountainous terrain, experience new culture, stay in luxurious Bali villas, and make so many new friends. However, if you’re on a budget, you may be setting your sights on those more affordable tourist hot spots. If you want better bang for your buck, here’s where to go.


South America is becoming more popular with tourists every year, with Chile proving to be a real hot spot as well. You get to enjoy palm tree-lined beaches, spectacular views of the Andes if you make your way to Santiago and vibrant food. The most significant benefit of visiting Chile, however, is the cost.

Even the most luxurious accommodation is a fraction of the price of what you would pay elsewhere, yet you have a range of tourist attractions and historical locations right on your doorstep. What’s more, one Australian dollar equates to 479 Peso. Comparing this into entertainment terms, you can enjoy a hearty and authentic meal for less than ten Australian dollars.


If you’re excited about heading off the beaten track a little bit, then Morocco is well worth adding to the top of your travel list. Located in North Africa, it’s a vibrant, exciting and very cultural country with eclectic mixes of Arabian, European, and Berber influences.

When you go to Morocco, there is so much to see, do and experience. You can visit the Royal Fort overlooking a body of water or check out many of the marketplaces selling pottery, ceramics, jewellery and even lanterns. What’s more, it’s very affordable to visit. One average dinner costs around 3 Moroccan dirham, which equates to a little over four Australian dollars.


No-Fuss HairStyles

No-Fuss Hair Styles That Work

We’ve all experienced it – the shock and horror after sleeping through your alarm, only to discover you’ve got far less time than you require to get ready for work. Then, lo and behold, your hair’s a mess, and you don’t have time to straighten it, use product, or even put much effort into it at all. If your line of work requires you to be presentable but there’s just not enough time, why not consider a no-fuss hairstyle that works?

While it takes just a few minutes, you’re sure to find any of these hairstyles below can be a new favourite for your morning regime – whether you’re running late for work or not.

Messy Bun

The messy bun is easily one of the best hairstyles ever created. There are many different ways to style a messy bun, but it takes just a few minutes to master. A messy bun is perfect for when you just don’t have time to have those frizzy ends behaving as they should. Just create a ponytail then twist your hair around into a bun form and fasten a hair tie over the top. It might not be anything special, but it’s a hairstyle that looks both smart and presentable.

Brush It Up

If time is of the essence and there’s no time to waste, grab your brush and get brushing! A Brush It Up style involves brushing your hair to remove all the tangles, then sweeping it upwards from the bottom to form a high ponytail. Once you’ve fastened that with a hair tie, put on a basic headband that sits a little back from your hairline. You’ll find you’re looking tidy and presentable in no time.


Resistance training

The Best Resistance Training Exercises

Resistance training, also known as weight training or toning, is a popular and effective form of exercise that will have you looking fit and healthy in no time. Its name is derived from the way in which you exercise, which involves using the opposite force for your muscles – such as with bands or dumbbells.

There are so many reasons why you need to include resistance training in your exercise routine, and you are sure to notice the benefits. Your body shape will change for the better, you will see improved muscle strength and power, your metabolic rate will go through the roof, and even your bone health will improve. If all these benefits sound appealing, consider some of the best resistance training exercises below.


If you want to avoid getting lower back pain and tighten your core muscles, then a good exercise to carry out is called a plank. At first glance, the plank looks easy. After all, you don’t actually have to do anything, right? Wrong. A plank is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening your core muscles, and it’s most certainly not because you do nothing.

A plank involves lying on your stomach, then raising your body up so that you’re positioned on your elbows and your toes – similar to a press up. You then need to lower your buttocks down until it’s positioned at about the same height as your shoulders. Make sure you don’t point your bottom upwards as this is a form of “relief” and doesn’t help work those core muscles.

Squeeze your naval area so that it’s pointing towards your spine and hold this position for 30 seconds. If you’re starting from scratch with core exercises, it might even be helpful to hold it for 10 seconds, then release, then hold it again for 10 seconds and so on.


Wisdom Teeth

Your Guide to Wisdom Teeth

If you start to feel pain or discomfort in your mouth during your late teens or early 20s, there’s every possibility your wisdom teeth are either growing through or have grown through. Unfortunately, very rarely does this final set of molars make their entrance known quietly. While there’s every possibility your wisdom teeth are healthy and properly aligned, there’s an even higher chance of them being misaligned and troublesome for your other teeth. As a result, it might be time to call upon the services of a dentist like Candlewood Dental Centre.

Knowing you may have to see a dentist about your wisdom teeth can be frightening for some people. Friends and family might have shared their horror stories with you, or you might just be afraid of the dentist. To alleviate your concerns and to give you as much information as you need, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions.

How do I know my wisdom teeth are causing problems?

Aside from general discomfort, wisdom teeth can make themselves known in a number of ways. Unlike your other teeth, they don’t just turn up and sit quietly. They usually arrive with a bit of uproar and tend to cause discontent with your other teeth. Wisdom teeth can be described as a bad neighbour, and they make themselves known in the following ways:


Botox Injections

How Exactly Does Botox Work?

You may have heard lots about the benefits or even the side effects of Botox injections, but you may not realise exactly how they work. Many people opt to have Botox treatment to get rid of facial wrinkles that they feel make them look older or unattractive.  Some who want to reduce the cost of treatment go overseas, but this option should be considered carefully, especially if you’ve never had it before. Countries like Bali and Thailand are great places to visit, but not so much for having a cosmetic procedure.

Overseas medical and hygiene standards are not so high as Australian ones, so  choosing a cosmetic surgeon in Perth might be the better option. At least you know you’ll get a highly trained doctor. There are risks in having any kind of medical procedure in a Third World country.

So how does Botox actually work to get rid of those wrinkles in your face? Wrinkles are caused by the movement of muscles under the skin.  This muscle movement happens multiple times a day and eventually causes the skin to wrinkle permanently where it occurs. It’s something that you can’t stop from happening and the older you get the, the less elasticity is in the skin, so it doesn’t return to its normal place. The result is a wrinkle – or more likely, several wrinkles.