Suffering from Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace Discrimination

There are numerous types of discrimination that can occur in the workplace, but it’s important to realise that it’s never okay. Discriminatory actions can lead to a wide range of mental illnesses and a lower quality of life, so it’s crucial to identify and address issues as soon as they pop up.

In saying that, your mental health and state of mind can suffer a lot in a short space of time if you’re being discriminated against. Because of this, it’s important to ensure you’re remaining healthy while things are being dealt with.

To help you out, we’ve put together the following list of the top five ways to boost your morale if you’re suffering from any form of workplace discrimination. As always, seek professional and/or legal advice if you feel like it could be beneficial.

  1. Identify and Accept Any Problems

In many discrimination cases, the problem lingers for some time before you can successfully dispel it. This might be because you don’t have enough proof of wrongdoing, your employer is slow to act or simply because these things do take time.

With this in mind, it’s important to identify the problem and accept that you’re not the cause. While it can be difficult to remain in positive spirits if you’re constantly being discriminated against, it’s still worth doing your best.

  1. Figure Out What Your Job Means

Ultimately, there must have been a reason for you accepting the particular position that you’re working in. Maybe it pays very well. Maybe it’s something that you’ve always wanted to do. Or, maybe it’s just another step on the ladder to your dream job.

Sit down, have a think about this, and understand exactly what your job means to you. Identifying meaning like this will help you retain a positive state of mind, no matter what hardships get thrown your way.

  1. Network With Your Colleagues

If you’re suffering some form of discrimination in the workplace, the chances are that you aren’t the only one. Talk with your colleagues, find out if any of them have concerns, and then work to support each other.

  1. Take a Holiday

Although taking a holiday won’t be an option for everyone, simply stepping back for a few days or weeks could be just what you need to boost your morale. Make sure that your superiors are aware of the discrimination issues before you go away, and leave them to be dealt with before you return.

  1. Seek Professional Help

If your situation becomes particularly dire, professional help could be your best option. For starters, consider speaking with a lawyer if your employees aren’t willing to address discrimination issues. Meanwhile, there’s no shame in seeing a psychologist if your mental health is suffering for any reason whatsoever.


Workplace discrimination is a major problem that needs to be eliminated from Australian workplaces. But, the simple truth is that it lingers, and people suffer as a result. The above five tips should help you retain a positive frame of mind in the face of discrimination but remember – proactive action is the best action.