Group Fitness

Why Joining a Group Fitness Class Could Spell a New You

While there are many immediate benefits of joining group fitness sessions, did you know the long-term benefits are even better? While, of course, you are going to feel more motivated and social, it can also work wonders for your confidence, weight loss success, stress levels, and happiness. Here’s why joining a group fitness class could spell a new you.

Become More Confident

When was the last time you threw yourself into an uncomfortable situation? Most of us tend to stick with what we know, and we dare not step outside that comfort zone into the unknown. However, if you join a group fitness class such as BodyPump or CX Worx, for example, you will find yourself becoming more confident as the days and weeks go by.

It can seem terrifying walking into a room full of strangers, but once you realise how lovely everyone is, you will have no problems about doing it in the future.

Lose More Weight

Many scientific studies prove that exercising in a group fitness class, or with others, can be beneficial to your success. In the Journal of Social Sciences, it was even found that we mimic the physical activity of others, helping to push ourselves further than ever before. And, in an Obesity journal study, overweight people lose more weight if they spend time with fitter friends or acquaintances. (more…)