Engagement Ring

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Traditionally, when couples began looking for engagement rings, the expectation was that the man should spend the equivalent of his income for two months. In today’s terms, that’s around 3,000 Australian dollars for the average Australian’s annual salary.

For some people, that’s not a possibility, and for others, that doesn’t seem nearly enough for the woman in their life. As a result, it can often be more about your personal circumstances as opposed to an age-old rule. However, it can still be a challenge to know how much to spend on engagement rings. After all, how do you know whether you’ve paid enough, or too much? Consider the following before you go ahead and purchase those engagement rings.

Your Significant Other’s Expectations

If you have discussed the prospect of marriage before, you are bound to have a fair idea of what your loved one expects or would like. If you have discussed it at length as well, you may even have a sense of the diamond clarity, shape, how many carats, and overall style she would prefer.

Before you go ahead and buy a ring, try to have a fair idea of what your fiancé-to-be would expect. Would they want you to spend the big bucks or would they be happy with anything you got them as long as you put in the thought and effort?